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Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Knitting Season

Hooray, winter is here! I love winter. I love dinners in the slow cooker, baking impromptu chocolate self saucing pudding, Sheridan flannelette sheets, big warm wooly coats, staying indoors sewing when it's wet and cold outside, meat pie and sauce, taking a heat pack to bed, snuggly scarfs under my chin and my specialty homemade pumpkin soup.

I've knitted one scarf in my life, so this will be my second try at knitting. It's not just any old scarf though, this my friends is a twisty snood. I bought this cool kit from Finders Keepers Market from the girls at Knit Knit. It's 100% wool and feels so nice and thick, I can't wait to wear it.

What are your favourite things about winter? Or if you live on the other side of the seasons, warm me up with your summer favourites.
I hope you're enjoying the new season wherever you are.

Stay tuned for a leather strap tutorial later in the week

Have a great week everyone


  1. Gorgeous colour choice Sasha... knitting certainly seems the thing to do over winter, I too just started a scarf project. The last time I attempted knitting was about 10 years ago, but this cold climate we're now living in has made me want to attempt it once again.


  2. Good luck with finishing your project. I am having a go at crocheted pants for my daughter. I hope I manage to finish them before winter is over ;)

  3. Marie-nicole-Your new place looks so lovely. I think you will need many a twisty snood there to keep you warm though.

    Crocheted pants, now that's a lot of work but very funky.


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