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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Special Package For A Special Little Person

A number of my friends are having babies at the moment and as much as I'd like to give them all a nappy bag, I just don't have time.

It's also nice for me to make something else for a change. To not have to worry about the thickness of the fabric and be able to just choose the cutest fabrics to work with.

The quilted change mat and baby bib pattern came from Amy Butler's "Little Stitches For Little Ones".

Close up of my button tree

The bag is just my usual PVC covered zipper bag on steroids. It has laminated fabric for lining, so can be used to keep all the essentials like wet wipes, nappy rash cream.... I made the buttons from the change mat fabric and attached them to mini yo yo's. I made the tree by drawing a basic pattern and then free sewing with multi coloured thread. Don't stress about what your tree will look like, that's half the fun.

For some brief step by step instructions head over to my facebook page.

p.s Amy Butler is now on facebook! She had more than 3000 "likes" in just over 24 hrs. Love It!

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow, I didn't realise that the tree would end up on a nappy holder! That looks fantastic!!


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