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Friday, February 11, 2011

Amy Butler's Style Stitches

It's been quite a while since I made a bag from a bought pattern but Amy Butler is pretty hard to resist for me. Of course I had to make a few of my own modifications.

I added the little flap closure because who do you think put the snap on the wrong side!
(you can download the posters from Amy Butler's website) 

My good friend Rachel doesn't like shoulder bags and was looking for a bag with a long strap to put across her body. So I whipped this up for her....when I say whipped I really mean it took me about 6 months to get around to doing it.

How nice is Liz's (left) dress she made! 

Lizy and Zoe looking very pleased with their new frame purses from the workshop last Sunday. It was so hot and sweaty but we got there in the end.


  1. Just looking for inspiration for an "Amy Butler" bag for my daughter ......... lovely choice of fabrics!!

  2. Thanks! The weekender bag is my favourite of Amy's


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