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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Well what a busy week it was last week, hence no blog post, sorry. Lots of cutting cutting cutting and sewing sewing sewing and I got to do another photo shoot, except this time I was the photographer, not the assistant, woo hoo! More on that later.

Baubles in the making

I wanted a little Christmas cheer for my market stall and something that wasn't going to take too much time to make. I figured baubles wrapped in fabric were Christmassy and also Faint Impressiony....what do you think? Oh and I added a few feathers for loveliness.

Looks cute huh?

People were asking me if they were for sale!! The good old $2 shop is your friend people, where nothing is ever $2 anymore.

So if you fancy making some, head to the $2 shop, buy some foam balls, ribbon and a bag of feathers. Get some of your fabric left overs and cut them in to strips, stick a pin in one end of the fabric and just start wrapping it around the ball. When you get to the end, stick another pin in it. Just keep going until you're happy with the look and then pin some ribbon to it, no glue required. Tie some string around the end of the feathers and then make a loop to hang it.

Find a stick on the side of the road, paint it white and walla! You have your own fabric bauble Christmas twig tree.

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