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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Fabrics For Some New Bags

Yes, I said new bags!

As hard as it was to find the good fabric shops in New York, I did manage to pick myself up this little bundle of goodies.

This fabric will hopefully be the new beginnings of some new bags. I say hopefully, as many times before have I purchased little goodies like this and not used them for what I intended.

As you can see I have totally done away with my previous strategy of having a colour scheme, it's just too limiting for me.

I'm testing out a new pattern this week and will hopefully have a sample made in time for Paddington Markets on Saturday. I'll show you what I get done before then.

So....What do you think of these new fabrics? Favourites please?


  1. Love the fabrics..very different to what i have seen..!! they will look amazing in your bags. Loved your holiday pics..especially all the singer sewing machines..that looked brilliant! Elizabeth x

  2. I hope so :-) I love the peach one the best. How's the studio going?

  3. Love the first ones but then I just love spots !


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