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Friday, November 19, 2010

From A Little Bit Trash To A Lot Of Treasure

For a little while now I've been thinking about how I can increase the environmentally friendliness of my production process. As much as I love vintage fabric, making a whole range of bags out of them is not something I wish to do. I thought instead that I could maybe re-use the frames of old bags and make them into new ones.

I've been looking in all the Vinnies shops but have had no luck. In New York I checked out a flea market and came across an interesting couple selling all kinds of different things. 

Flea market man

I found this old lady (the bag not the man) in amongst a bunch of old bags. She doesn't look too bad in the photo but close up she has wrinkles, just like me and three grey hairs which she discovered this week!

I told the lady I was only going to pull it apart for the frame, so she gave me a good discount. 
I wish I was there the following Saturday as the lady said she had heaps of bags at home that she couldn't sell but the frames were still good :-(.

So, here is the before shot and you shall all bare witness to her transformation back into society. Will I give her "the girl next door" look or will I pimp her ride? Stay tuned for the end result and the survey on how many years younger she looks whilst placed in a perspex box in the middle of the street. 

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