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Friday, October 22, 2010

Up Up & Away...To The USA

Two more sleeps until I'm leeeeeeeeeeaving on a jet plaaaaaaaaaaaaane!!!!

I missed Tuesdays blog post as who knew organising an overseas trip could take up sooooo much of your time. Honestly, it feels like a full-time job right now. Once I pick up some USD and a travel money card tomorrow, I'll feel as though I've finally got things in order.

My big sissy is coming with Cam and I and it's her first trip overseas. I'm very excited that I can share it with her and that I have someone to shop with of course.

So here is a taste of my itinerary.

New York Knicks

Halloween in NYC

Ice Hockey

But one of the most exciting things is that I'm going to attend an Etsy Craft Lab Craft Night!!!

I KNOW! How awesome is that. The other exciting thing is that you too can join me, without spending a dime. You can watch the Etsy Craft Nights on the web. All the details are on the link, so check it out and come hang with me and the yankees on the 1st November 4pm-8pm.

I will do my best to blog a little over the next three weeks and share my USA adventures with you all. If nothing else I will post some photos until I get back to fill you in on all the details.

I hope you miss me :-)

1 comment:

  1. Have a fantastic trip my friend. Vince told me to wish you a happy wedding! Shop and shop and shop some more - hope Mr Faint's carrying arms are strong! Travel safely.
    Frannie xx


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