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Friday, October 1, 2010

Sewing Up Stock In The Bush

I'm hanging out at my mums place in Tenterfield for a week. It's about three hours south of Brisvegas.
Seven acres of beautiful big trees, birds chirping, mountains in the distance and cups of tea on the verandah in the sun; make it the perfect place to do some sewing.

I'm building up my stock for Christmas as it's getting low and I'll be away for three weeks in the USA. Which is only three weeks away AGHHHH!!! So much to get done before then.

Anyway, let's avoid the fact that I should be sewing like a mad woman right now and check out the stash of vintage I found in mums linen cupboard. Oh so pretty and she said I can have them, woo hoo.


  1. Linen looks good against the lead-light!

  2. BAAH! Love the linen, bring some back for me!!


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