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Friday, October 8, 2010

New Clutches For Friday Eye Candy

I missed Mondays post I know, sorry. I was lapping up the sun on the deck in Tenterfield with a cuppa in my hand and the sun on my face and my sweet mamma beside me.
Actually I only did this a few times a day and the rest of the time I was a very busy busy bee.

Embarrassing, unattractive photo peeps but there you have it, real and raw

I made three Fortune Cookies and two clutches, showed the ride on mower who was boss and wippa snipped until it wouldn't wippa snip no more. I like to do the yard work in my Dads clothes when I go to Tenterfield, hence the huge T-shirt and hat.
I was singing along to my i-pod at the top of my lungs, thinking the noise of the mower would drown me the case according to Mum when I finished.

How cool are the cockies!! So Australiaaaaaaaana

I can't wait till the day Cam and I have a lovely house with some big gum trees and a vegie patch that comes with it's own peace and quiet. It is just so much more relaxing than city apartment living with loud mouth neighbours upstairs who feel the need to party every Friday Saturday and Sunday night.

The other week I had a meeting with Diane from Crafty Pod. If you haven't heard of the Crafty Pod yet you have a whole lot of listening to catch up on.
We chatted about my blog and ways I can improve on it and to find out if you are actually out there....reading :-).

She suggested I start adding some tutorials on a regular basis, which I am going to try and do. Tutorials take a lot of work and time, which I don't have a lot of at the moment, but I will do my best for ya.

So.... what I would like to know is what tutorials you would like to see on my blog? I will then do my best to get them to you, whether it be from me or a link from someone else who made it.
It can be a certain technique, like how to make a bag fatter (depth) or put in a snap or even something on your machine you aren't sure about. Let me have it people!


  1. Heh - I'll chime in! I'm totally confused about hardware installation techniques - so, the aforementioned snaps, but also attaching handles with hardware, installing a magnetic closure - that kind of stuff.

  2. I'm with Sister DG on that. Also I love the leather detail you've been using lately so any tips on working with leather? Btw you could totally be an Aussie cowgirl on top of that mower! :)

  3. Ok girls, with you in mind I have made my first "How To" video. I sound like a 2 year old but I can't change that so what the hell. Enjoy, feedback is most welcome.


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