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Friday, October 15, 2010

Dress Making Inspiration

It's been a long time since I made myself something to wear. I've cut out a 50's dress I've yet to sew together and I really really want to make this skirt that features on Amy Butlers promo video. Like I mean REALLY want it. You know that feeling you get when you find something you really like and just have to do it/get it now! That drug that seems to overtake you and it's even worse when you're hungry at the same time. That's how I feel about this skirt. There's no pattern, so I'm trying to work it out myself.

Yesterday in Peppermint Magazine I saw a girl who, after watching the movie "Julie & Julia", was inspired to do something similar. She's revamping a dress a day that she has found in an op shop for $1, into a funky wearable fashion item. That's 365 dresses people, I can't even finish one!

I noted down the blog address to take a look and funnily enough, when I downloaded Sister Diane's latest Crafty Pod, she has done a podcast interview with Marissa from New Dress A Day.

Marissa has made some very funky numbers out of some very ghastly dresses indeed. She explains how she alters each one, so that you too can do it. Marissa mentions the op shop in LA she likes to get her dresses from........guess who's going to LA this month!!! Mwah!

So, as well as my New York shopping bonanza, I plan to visit the same op shop and see what I can find to have a go at vamping up. I'll be on the hunt for some items that have a lot of potential but just need a bit of lovin from the Bernina.


  1. I have come across her blog before, it is a bit addictive once you get into it! Will have to go back and check out where she is up to. Do dresses in Australian op-shops even sell for $1?

  2. Hello, could you help me? What fabric is best for making corporate uniforms and shirts? I am planning to make some clothes for myself.thanks. please email me at maryjiel[@]gmail[dot]com.... thanks

  3. Hi Anonymous, I would go for cotton for the shirts. If you are making a suit you can buy suit fabric, I don't name the formal name but it's called suiting fabric here I think. Good luck with the sewing.

  4. @Sasha Faint - Designer, Maker, Owner

    thanks for the tip.


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