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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some Much Needed Nutrition For My Fabric Stash

A few weeks ago I finally got to the shop "No Chintz" in Woollahra, which has been on my list for at least a year now. I walked in, no hello from the staff at any point, even though it's a tiny shop and they were standing at the counter, not impressed Jan.
I perused the many different fabrics all lined up in a row around the shop. Some lovely fabrics available but you better have been a VERY good girl all year as it is very pricey. I knew this before I went but honestly, an extra $10mtr for Amy Butler compared to my usual shop!

So what's a girl in need of inspiration do in this situation? Go to the remnant basket of course.
These are some of the pretty pieces I found. Unfortunately they have small strips of paper glued to the back of them as they must have been sample swatches at some point.

This goes with a piece that has giant tea pots on it

Can you see the lovely detail in the actual fabric? So pretty

This is a lovely soft linen

Now..... I just have to come up with something good enough to chop them up for.

P.S Don't forget it's my first week at Paddington Markets this week 10am-4pm, hope to see you there.

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