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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My First Crafternoon

So it was up again early Saturday morning to load up the van for Paddington Markets. No ass muscle was pulled this time, instead I woke up Sunday morning with a kinked neck. Oh the pleasures of getting old.

The sun was beaming down, I paid a little more for my stand this time and scored a super spot, right near the food, which is where all roads lead, so that was great. I also got to borrow an umbrella, which made my stall look good and after taking it down I noticed it also saved me and my beautiful girls (bags) from a mountain of Ibis poo!

I have often wondered when the time will come that I spot someone walking down the street with a Faint Impression and Saturday turned out to be the day. When I saw this lady (Rebecca) with an early Faint Impression, my jaw physically dropped open. What an awesome feeling it was and the bag still looked so good after all this time.

Sunday I got to go to my first Crafternoon at Frans place. There were seven of us crafting and chatting away around a table full of delish homemade goodies. Frans apartment is so nice and I fell in love with it in an instant. Check out the pics, how cool is it! She has it all decked out with her vintage finds.

Some of the things being made were bird mobiles, mini mice skull sculptures out of porcelain, crocheted blankets and I was making a camera strap.

Now you may be surprised to hear this but I really don't have many crafty friends. None in Sydney anyway, so it was just so nice to be surrounded by other crafty peeps, just chilling, eating chocolate and sipping tea. I'm looking forward to the next one.

You should have seen the dresses and skirts in these old "Australian Home Journal" magazines, I wanted to make them all.

Another cool part of Fans apartment

And here's another, just to finish you off.


  1. Sasha!!! I can be your crafty friend. I am lacking a bit too, since the St George area is a bit of a black hole when it comes to crafty types.

  2. Awesome Belinda!!!! We will have to have a crafty afternoon together with some ultra delish afternoon tea.


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