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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Spring / Summer Colours

When you go to design school they teach you about making a theme or story for your "collection". Having never been to design school, I don't know how to do this and so usually there is no theme to the fabrics I choose for my bags. I see a fabric I like, I buy it, I make a bag...simple.

I've decided for my next range of bags that I'm going to try a colour theme. I think it will give some continuity to my bags and also make them look great for my market stalls as they'll all match.

So, here is my BIG reveal; my colours for this season are.....

Did you feel it? Did something amazing happen inside you? If not, just keep staring at the photos for a while longer and I'm sure it will happen eventually.

Last weekend I found my first bit of fabric for my collection. I'm going to make some clutches out of these fabrics. They're very soft and feel lovely to touch.
I'm hoping to have three done for the Eveleigh Markets this Sunday.

Now I'm just waiting for Amy Butler to release her new collection, Soul Blossoms, as that will go well with my colour theme. If it's out by November I can buy up big on my USA trip.

The Craft Room was great fun on Saturday; such a funky space to teach in.
Check out the bag Martina made . She did so well, not a single mistake and it looked so good, especially inside with the Amy Butler laminated fabric. 
She's going away this weekend, so it was perfect timing to make a new bag to show off to everyone.

Martina & her new laminated bag

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  1. Love the colours and fabrics..your stall will look awesome. The story will be happy and vibrant. Elizabeth x


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