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Friday, July 9, 2010

Pattern Giveaway

I'm getting ready to move back to Sydney for good. I was sorting through my mountain of fabric last night and found these bag patterns. I bought these when I first started getting in to making bags. There is even a pattern to make a bag by felting some old jumpers you might have.
Some are used and some I haven't even opened. I'm pretty sure all of the pattern pieces are there but no guarantees.

I would like them to go to a new home where they can inspire someone else to get creative. So we're going to have a PATTERN GIVAWAY!!! Wooo hooooo.

In order to win all four bag patterns you need to post a comment below about what you would like to make at a Faint Impressions workshop (except a FI bag). I will then randomly choose the winner.

Got to be in it to win it people. Goodluck.


  1. Yay! Stuff! :) That's sad you're moving back to Sydney already. I hope you're going to fly down for more market goodness. Other than an FI bag? Hmmm well I'm into making notebook covers at the moment. They're fun and there's so many different things you can do with them. In fact once I get more than two seconds to myself I'll post some photos on my blog of one I made from some bright blue suede my grandma gave me :D


  2. I would like to make a wallet.... with enough card spaces for all my cards. I have been working on one now and then (using a pattern - not sure which one) but still haven't finished it. And I know it still won't fit all my cards anyway. Yay to Sydney!

  3. Great idea Belinda. I've seen a few very nice ones lately, I think I'll work on a pattern for that. Thanks

  4. I can think of a few things, like a reading glass case, 'pretty' appliance covers for my kitchen and a bag small enough to carry just my cards and phone for those quick trips to the store when I don't want to haul half the house with me :)

  5. Hi Lisa, WOW!! My first comment from the USA, WOO HOO very excited.
    Great ideas, you are now in the running to win the patterns.
    How did you find my blog?

  6. Gosh! I would like to make any of these things! But since you are soooo far away..... I really like the bedside organizer. Hubby is always losing remotes under the covers! LOL

  7. Hi Kathy, yes that is common problem with the male species isn't it :-)
    Would love to have you over for a workshop; any plans to travel down under?
    I LOVE all comments but especially ones from overseas; thanks for taking the time.

    Winner to be announced next week, stay tunes.


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