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Friday, July 30, 2010

From Jacket To Bag......Well Almost

My lovely Mum has come to the point where she can let go of some of my Dads clothes. On her last visit she bought a few bags of winter woollies for me to take to the trash and treasure market.
Now I'm not much of a re-fashionista but I had a rummage through the bag to check there weren't any treasures that should stay with me instead of trash and treasuring it.

Amongst Dads hand-me-down goodies I found a 100% woollen jumper that comes down to my knees. Very handy for keeping me warm on the couch at night and also serves well as a looooooong distance cuddle from Dad.
I also found a suit jacket that's definitely from the "nutta cutta footloose" time warp and it got my crafty brain ticking.

I can't flip the photo, silly computer

I'm going to try and make a small handbag for going out and I'm actually going to keep it, shock horror surprise. I want it to fit snug, just under my arm and close to my armpit. Really, who wouldn't want to be close to my armpit.
Now most of you know I'm usually all about the larger bag but I'm venturing out here folks, fasten your seat-belts.

I think I'll actually get two bags out of the jacket; one for going out (Dad always liked a drink) and a sling bag.
You can see in the photo (i-phone again, sorry) I cut off the jacket cuff and have used it as a pleated feature. I'm also going to use the jacket pockets somewhere in the bag.

Stay tuned for the finished product. If all goes well I was thinking of running a workshop on this, what do you think?


  1. Love the idea of reusing a piece from your Dad into a bag. So lovely to have all the memories in something so special. Good Luck I hope it all works out.

    A workshop on remaking old into new sounds fabulous too!

  2. What a beautiful idea Sasha.

    Looking forward to seeing your creation.


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