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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Etsy Party, A New Market & A Few Nice Shops

A great night was had by all at the Etsy birthday party on Friday night, hosted by Thread Den.
In fact, we were one of the top 50, I believe the saying is "too cool for school". I only wish there had been a gathering like this when I first arrived in Melbourne. I could have been hanging out with some funky makers for the past five months.
Thread Den also has a very cool shop that's worth checking out when you're "in da hood". They have retro pleated skirts for a very reasonable price. It was nice to see not everyone prices awesome Vinnie scores like they're the latest couture release.

At last I got to meet my online buddy Kim. It's funny how you get an image in your head of how someone looks before you meet them. My image of Kim was Asian, very dark hair, short & glasses. Hmmmm I was off, just a little.

A bit of stitch & bitch


On Saturday I went on a bit of a reconnaissance mission to check out the Modish Creators Market.
I wanted to see if it's a market for my bags. It was nice to wonder around but I'm afraid I can't see the justification in the $150 stall holders fee and as you can see there weren't a great deal of people there when I went.

Modish Creators Market

After the market I dropped by Patchwork On Central Park as it was just around the corner. I didn't buy anything, shock horror surprise!!! I did see these very nice rolls of canvas though and some amazing French linens, but alas they were out of my budget. Here are some sneaky shots from my iphone.

If you do visit the Modish markets you just HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO check out this paper shop across the road. I could have spent all day in there and could easily become obsessed with scrap-booking but there is only enough room in my life for one obsession right now.
I've been planning to create a new banner for the blog using some nice paper etc, so I did allow myself to get a few little goodies. My new banner was inspired by these little birdies.

P.s The countdown is on for the release of Frankie this WEDNESDAY.

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  1. I hope i didn't disappoint :) I do actually wear glasses on occasion. Thanks for the heads up about Patchwork. I went there on my way home and found new prints for wheatbags so yay! Also totally loved those canvas rolls. I was wracking my brain trying to come up with an excuse to buy some but alas I had no true justification. But I loved all those colours... Love the banner by the way. Very cool. I'm going to stop by the newsagent tomorrow and hopefully get hold of Frankie!
    Btw I looked at my machine manual and actually cleaned out my sewing machine and gave it an oil. I can't believe how easy it was, hmmm should have done that years ago...My machine is like a whole new woman.
    :) Kim


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