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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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On the day I tried a new thing and hung some posters behind me for a bit of extra colour. I'm thinking of making some bunting to hang next time.

The Conargo Bush Market was the biggest market I've done yet. There were stalls around the whole football oval. Some people travelled two hours just to come.
It was very well organised and a great vibe, I'm glad I went.
Sorry the photos aren't that great.

Lots of activities for the kiddies, a huge worm tunnel and a blow up slide. There was also face painting and a kids activity corner where I think I saw them doing woodwork!

The Stitches and Craft Show was a bit disappointing. There were some great stall holders of course but the general set up was a let down compared to last year. There seemed to be less stalls and there weren't as many decorations as last year. I heard a lot of disappointed murmers as I was walking around.
They had the same knitting and paper cutting bar etc, I thought they could have had different crafts for people to try this year.

I did chat to a few very creative people and got some very helpful tips on getting into magazines.

I was pretty good with the old cashola and didn't spend too much money. I bought some more gorgeous fabric from the Ink & Spindle girls to make Bedside Organisers.

How beautiful is this fabric?

Sorry if there are any mistakes in this post, I'm very tired as I've been driving home all day.

Lots to do over the next few days before Cam and I trip off to Vietnam.

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  1. Your stall looks great. I hope u found time to go through the caterpiller :) it was my first Stitches and Craft show and even I was disappointed mainly because of the size and they fact that people were selling orthotics and gym equipment! I loved the ink & spindle stand. I wanted to chat to them but they were so busy! Can't wait to see the bedside organizers with these fabrics
    xo Kim


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