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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Product Photography

Having great shots of your product is very important, especially when you're selling online.

I usually try to take photos of my bags in an apartment, which can be quite tricky as there are always shadows and reflections and the light is only good during a short period of the day.

If possible, I really prefer to have a model in the shot. It looks better, helps customers judge the bag size and visualise it on themselves. Unfortunately, having a model isn’t always possible, so when I can't get my hands on a friend to glam it up for me, I need a plan-B.

I found instructions for a DIY product light-box on the internet. It took me about an hour to put this baby together.

I used foam board from Riot Art, baking paper, two bedside lamps and an extra spotlight from Bunnings. Be careful with the spotlight as it gets really hot very fast! You can get the light-box instructions here.

You can see the results using the light box on the bag below. For more examples click the Flickr slide show on the right.

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