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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Are You Addicted? Hell YEAH!

A few tell tale signs that you may be addicted to fabric;

1) When you pick up a new parcel of fabric you must open it immediately, waiting until you get into the car is just NOT an option.

2) When you arrive home you lay out your pretty maids all in a row and just stare, with cup of tea in hand, at the beauty before you.

3) You MUST rub your (clean) hands over the smooth, soft, euphoria inducing texture.

Which is exactly what I did today to these gorgeous fibres.


  1. Hi Sasha! How did i miss this posting??...absolutely adore the fabrics and totally relate to the sensation of a parcel of new fabric..Oh So Good! Elizabeth X

  2. YES! I was wondering why no-one had commented. Isn't it loooovely,,,,,isn't is wonnnnderrrrfulllllll


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