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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Sewing Machine

A lot of people have asked me if I sew with an industrial sewing machine. I wish!

Until recently I've made everything on my first sewing machine, a Janome Sewist 525s, that has never missed a beat.

My trusty Janome, she never lets me down

When I was holidaying at my mums house in Tenterfield I went to her local craft class. During the class I fell in love with the machine I was using, which was a Bernina 1130 made in 1986. It was old school with a full metal casing, weighed a tonne and sewed like a dream.

I searched everywhere on the net but couldn't find one for sale. Clearly this was a machine to hang on to and pass down through the generations as an heirloom.

At the stitches and craft show I visited the Bernina stand and told the Bernina man (George) of my dilemma. He told me he didn't have an 1130 but would have a similar machine, a Bernina 1530 (1992), in a few weeks time. He agreed to put it aside when it arrived and call me to check it out.

I phoned him on a regular basis for three weeks, each time holding my breath at the other end of the line in hope that he would say "Sasha, it's in!". It seemed an age but that day finally arrived and I went to see if she would be my new love.

George introduced us and showed me her capabilities, highlighting how hi-tech she was for her age, with an LCD screen and command ball mechanism (mouse) to choose between features.

To be honest I wasn't too attracted to her at first as she looked a little different to the 1130. However, after a brief period of witnessing her many different talents I quickly fell for her.
I signed the adoption papers without hesitation and took her home to her new creative space.

My Bernina 1530 (1992), so preeeeeeety isn't she?

Look at all these feet she has!

As in any relationship love is rarely instantaneous. It's something that grows as you spend time together. My Bernina and I have certainly grown to love each other and we shall never ever part, unless I have a daughter that is.


  1. I am happy for you Sash, you have found another new member to your creative team. LOL!

  2. Great post! I was handed down a Bernina from my mum many years ago. Your post got me looking online and my model (900) was apparently manufactured between 1977-1983. At 'best' then, it's 27 years old!!! Wow, I had no idea. It's still such an awesome machine and I wouldn't give it up for anything.

    Your new baby looks very impressive!


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