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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wearing My Dad On My Heart

My Dad passed away in February this year and it has been a tough year without him. Especially when I needed tips for my Christmas ham! (see previous post).
When someone close to you dies it's hard to know what to do with all of their things. You don't want to throw them out, you don't want to give them away, yet they can't sit in the cupboard forever.

My mum came to visit me last month and I asked her to bring all of Dads ties with her; I didn't explain why.
As a Christmas present I had his ties made into beautiful broaches by Fran at The Seamstress. Now mum can wear a little piece of Dad on her heart whenever she likes.
I'm keeping the purple one for myself, or maybe the navy one, I can't decide.
If you would like some tie broaches made, please contact Fran on

I'm also going to make softies out of his woollen jumpers and sock monsters out of his socks.


  1. Great Gift for someone special. very thoughtful Sasha. THey Tie brooches look great.

  2. What a gorgeous idea and a great way to remember someone you love. Hope we get to see some of the softies too!!

  3. Thats such a beautiful idea Sasha!!! What did your mum think when you gave them to her?!
    Your dad can always be with your mum now! (well on her shirt or cardi at least) Did you keep one for yourself?

    Steph White xoxo

  4. What a beautiful gift Sasha... you brought tears to my eyes with this... just beautiful... I would not be surprised if your mum was lost for words.

  5. Hi Steph, yep i kept 3 for myself and wear them on my heart regularly :-)

    Thanks Marie-nicole, my mum was thrilled and a little teary of course. My Dad dressed up as santa every year and gave out the presents, so I also gave her a xmas bauble with a picture of him as Santa in it, so now we can hang him from the tree each year, hi hi, he would like that.

  6. i love this, very thoughtful & beautiful.
    my dad also passed away last year & it's still a little hard for me to be able to accept it especially over christmas & his birthday which was a few weeks ago.
    you have done a wonderful thing to remember him by ♥

  7. isabella espinal ( Colombia)January 20, 2010 at 5:35 PM

    they are so nice sasha and i know how hard it is but u created a beautiful broaches to remind him all the time ..... i was very surprised when i knew tthat sad new and u didt tell me while i was there!!!! I think u have great desings .... kisses!!!


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