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Sunday, November 1, 2009

This Little Piggy Went to Market....Take Two

I think my stall looked better this month, very colourful
Gorgeous weather today and a great day to be out at the Everleigh Markets. A number of peeps agreed with me as there was a steady flow of shoppers.

The bag workshop list is growing above and beyond my expectations. I hope to have a mail out organised this week with available dates for all you sewers who signed up, so stay tuned.

Cam came to mind my stall whilst I went for a little shop today. I must say, every month I want to spend my profits at the markets before I've even left. There are so many great quality stalls, especially now that good old Saint Nick is on his way soon.

I bought a gorgeous flower broach made from a tie from Francine at The Seamstress and eyed off the eye catching range at Paper Lion. You should definitely check these talented ladeez out.

The Seamstress- Tie-Pins. An excellent Chrissy prezzy for your bestie

handbound notebooks and photo albums, handcut gift tags and fabric journal covers


  1. Wow Sash. The bags are looking gorgeous. Wish I had a little tele-transporter so I could pop over and see them in real life! And potter round the stalls with you - looks like a great market. Bet your stall is the best though ;-)

  2. Hi Sasha,

    The stall looked fantastic and the bags are so beautiful and well made. Well done and keep up with good work.

    Business Coach
    Quantum Compass


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