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Friday, August 28, 2009

Blogging is not as easy as it looks

Ok, so I have realised that this whole blogging thing is not as easy to keep up with as it seems. I keep seeing things and taking photos and thinking, ooo, that will do nicely for my blog but then never get around to loading it up.
I've witnessed a LOT of craftyness over the past month. I've been on holidays for two weeks, some of which was spent at my parents beautiful house, which I prefer to call my craft retreat.
The mountains, the fire, the cooking, the love, mmmmm goodness.

My parents house is full of lovely "stuff" collected over many years, which gave me an opportunity to practice my photography.

One of the many nice little features in the house

Something I love about good old Tenta (Tenterfield), yes yes, the Tenterfield Sadler, blah blah, anyway, the thing I love is the buzzing craft community. My mum has two craft groups that meet once a week. They bring their own projects to do, usually quilting, and they have this amazing space to work in. Huge tables for laying your projects out on and cutting fabric, industrial overlockers that go super fast and of course there's the leader of the pack to answer all crafty questions, Fran. I really hope to have my own craft group soon. Of course you have to have a cool name; I was thinking "Sew Impressed" to link in with Faint Impressions, ya ha, what do ya think about that one eh?

Mum, toiling away
Fran & friend working out the next step

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