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Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Trip to the Cutters

Whilst on holidays a focus of my trip was to "pretend" I was working for myself full time and see how productive I was. So I lugged down fabric, interfacing, bag feet, cotton.... to make twelve bags for Faint Impressions.
Before I got to this stage I had much to prepare. I bought all of the fabric and bits and bobs and then off I went to the cutter for the first time! It's only been on my goals list for a year! So with boyfriend in tow we get to the factory thingy at 7.30am, we walk in and there is a table about 10 meters long with one roll of fabric running the length of it! We show the man my 1.5 meter of this and 2 meters of that and he says to me "I don't usually try to talk myself out of work, but don't you want to do this yourself to save money"!!! He OBVIOUSLY didn't know that one day he would be saying "I did the first cut for that famous designer chick at Faint Impressions".
I picked them up a few days later and was so excited to see all my little baggies cut out and wrapped up, I finally did it!

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