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Sunday, July 12, 2009

It All Starts Here

Well, where to start! I have been putting off my first post for a while now. There's a lot of pressure on a girl for her first post, but I guess I have to start somewhere. At least I've worked out how to use it! Ha!

So, for those of you who will actually read my first post, which will be difficult as I'm not telling anyone about it, here goes.

My name is Sasha and I am slowly turning into my mother! Two years ago I wasn't crafty at all (my mum is), in fact I was convinced there wasn't a creative bone in my body. What started out as just something to do, has now overtaken my lounge room.
I mainly sew bags but I also dabble in screen printing when I can get the screen to work and on the odd occasion I make myself an outfit.

Fabric is my inspiration and addiction and I love trotting down to my local fabric shop and browsing for hours. This is made easier by the offer of minties, cups of tea and the lull of 1950's (a guess) French music.

I hope to fill my blog with helpful tutorials, cool podcasts, insights in to my journey along the small business road and whatever else takes my fancy.
I make no apologies for spelling or grammar errors as I will have plenty.

So my first thing I want to tell you about is the podcasts I have listened to lately (link on page). I love downloading these and listening to them on the bus or whilst sewing. They offer great inspiration and good tips if you are starting your own crafty business.
Amy Butler and Anna Maria Horner are two of my favourite fabric designers. So if you are in to these gals I'm sure you'll enjoy the podcasts with the kooky Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood.

There, now that wasn't so bad was it?

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